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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Useful sleepless night because of neighbors night became useful since I systemized Python source ideas

Because of noise and moved furniture in neighbor flat and felt stress and though about projects if I have sleepless nights. Psychologist assert that minor short-term stress are useful for innovative or creative ideas. I was concerned about organization capabilities. Python has more than 100 thousand projects and libraries published, "do  not invent bicycles" is applicable.

Main ideas to write new code:
1. Systemize your ideas codes, i.e. my tree of codes for functions. For examples - copied or developed codes for data processing, ext file automation and etc. Base system on ready to integrate solution codes and vice versa on specific narrow (for example string operation) with necessary description how adapt and develop code. For this purpose draft tree for python codes folders structures.
2. Secondly I download python books (O'Reily free python books, Python Cookbook, Python Essential Reference and etc.. Systemize book and write description for solutions. Will it be faster to find with relevant searches on stackoverflow, online tutorials, code search engines? I do not know. I just know that you will grasp ideas of may be several or numerous application possibilities, or may be alternative and write code search wording using technical term.
3. Exploit with priority pypi and github, to find projects or copy necessary part of codes. Systemize sources of urls with bookmarks. Programming is dynamic, the code within one year can become obselete.
4. Systemize specific libraries sources and tutorials for specific needs and exploit.

The system is needed to automate tasks, jobs; so I look for ways to streamline/automate code creations. Also I can reduce time needed to learn programming and find solutions.

So on github I found projects for codes to save time.
  • Project 1 - E-mail and phone number extractor
  • Project 3 - Regular expression version for strip()
  • Project 8 - Backup a file/folder into a zip file
  • project 13 - Copying '.jpg' and '.pdf' files into a newfolder

6 Useful Python Libraries Recommended by

New libraries for automation:

RoboBrowser: Your friendly neighborhood web scraper

Requests: HTTP for Humans Library to read and test/

Collection / Learn Python  List of sources to read, test.
Collection /

Unexpectedly I found searching solutions Python documentation file with cheatsheets. This site contains cheatsheets, commands summaries and other helpful information to rehearse. I stumbled to problem how to read text file with string.lsplit method (and rstrtip and so on). This kind of text files manipulation is necessary to prepare data for Pandas frame since because of text markups I get undesirable underscore beginning first line character. So I though about systemizing file read and after processing write methods. I use at least three read writing to methods and rewriting. Also parsing (reading) or looping through lines methods. And why they differ, when to use them since there are many methods with different parameters requirements and modules (libraries) with own environments (codings). This help to streamline automation of data processing and writing out results. For example regex library may require one method, python commands another. Most popular libraries preferbaly be systemized. look for:

Processing Text in Python
Parsing text files in Python
Reading text files in Python
Looping text files in Python

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