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Monday, November 20, 2017

Bots for social media

In my pipeline many projects to facilitate tasks, to automate them to make business intelligence while scrapying data, process with pandas data frames. One high ROI project is completed - automation of computer tasks automation using Facebook suite. You can rent Facebook Suite, find customers and use industrial posting and other tasks platform to market. is python programmed bot, which post randomly in intervals safe for Facebook algorithms. Sounds perfect until you do it. Posting has to generate sales and good visibility to customers, and there should be many for low price to be worth doing it. With platform there is much manual job tasks which makes your life miserable.
Firstly, you have to collect much information of Facebook Groups - do not their purpose, members numbers, policies, if they are administered or not. To be profitable to you have to post to free groups, with high members numbers, to keep policies. To administer I programmed systematization tool and integrate data with pandas for sorting and update. Systematization program tool assigns members numbers to link and rules as well, therefore you can rearrange within one minute scraped from Facebook member profile Groups data to list - group name, members numbers and rules; and afterwards match  with links and names while merging files. The program is great process hundreds of targeted members data and get best plan for marketing with highest visibility at low costs.
Secondly, you have to post preferably up to 20 post and make pauses. So you have to delete first twenty groups. Manual job is required. There are tasks that can be done - collection and updating of moderated, approval, disabled for posting groups. It will help to save postings to improve visibility to potential customers and improve SEO and overall conversions of online business. These tasks have been automated with programs. Thirdly, you should often update your posting messages.
So I looked for  others of cheap traffic and audience source. Search "github python thumblr, twitter, pinterest, " shows many projects which are worth to test.  I will write about them later.

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